Top 5 Reasons to Choose Green Lite Organics

  1. 1. We deliver certified USDA Organic fruits & veggies, and we demand the best quality! 

  2. 2. There are no commitments and absolutely no fees of any kind.

  3. 3. You can use our convenient website to set permanent preferences and make up to 3 substitutions per delivery. Talk about customization!

  4. 4. We have a 100% Guarantee. Not up to your standards? Tell us and we'll fix it. Period. We strive to make you happy. Call us up - we love to talk! We live right here, and serve only our local community. No out-of-state headquarters for us.

  5. 5. We are different than a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model:
  • a. No long-term contract. No membership fee. Cancel at any time.
  • b. Year-round service & great seasonal selections
  • c. Exciting variety, including locally grown and exotic produce 
  • d. Weekly deliveries directly to your homes or office, throughout the Tri-County area
  • e. You can substitute up to 3 items each week, and add individual items as you wish
  • f. Several menu options: 

             - Regular: Regular size mix of fruits and veggies

             - Large: Large size mix of fruits and veggies

             - Grab and Go: Items easy to eat on the run when you don’t have time to cook

             - Fruit Only: Variety of fresh fruit

             - Local Only: Large size mix of 100% locally grown fruits and veggies