What's in the Large Go Box
Week of Jul 15

The LARGE GO BOX is a value at $48. We purchase an assortment with a balanced diet in mind. The LARGE GO BOX contains a large assortment of approximately 7 or 9 different types of fresh vegetables such as, broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce, winter squash, potatoes, etc. It also contains 4 or 6 varieties of exquisite fruit like: apples, bananas, kiwis, mangos, strawberries, etc. This is an amazing value at $48.

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1 (each) Garlic heade
1.5 (lb.) Bananas
1 (each) Celery
1 (each) Broccoli
1.5 (lb.) Potatoes Red
2 (each) Avocado
1.5 (lb.) Beet Red
2 (each) Pear Bartlett
1 (each) Mango
1 (each) Tomatoes Cherry
4 (each) Apples Fuji
1 (each) Fennel