What's in the Grab & Go Box
Week of Jan 14

The GRAB & GO BOX is designed for busy people with little time to prepare food. They eat on the run, however, they want to maintain a healthy organic diet. The Grab & Go Box includes items such as apples, bananas, grapes, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, celery, and etc; (mostly fruit) organic produce that you can throw in a bag and take with you. This is an incredible value at $33.

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1 (lb.) Squash Zucchini
1.5 (lb.) Bananas
1 (each) Celery
1 (each) Lettuce Romaine
1 (each) Broccoli
1 (each) Carrots Baby peeled 1lb
2 (each) Orange Navel
2 (each) Apples Fuji
1 (each) Rainbow Chard
2 (each) Pear Anjou